Modeste Canada - Product Review

I can honestly say I love supporting small Muslim-run businesses. I love it because I had a small business once upon a time. So, when I find a CANADIAN Muslim business with a great collection, I slip into their DM’s and get a collaboration going.

Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Modeste. A growing clothing line based in Calgary, Alberta. They have a beautiful collection that combines modesty and elegant style. The pieces are great basics that can be paired with other trendy pieces or they can very easily be worn on their own for a simple but chic look.

What I Received:

The first item I received was the Pearl Blouse. This pearly white blouse is a must-have in any wardrobe. The material is light but not sheer. I repeat it is NOT see-through! I found the blouse to be structured enough to be worn with trousers or a pencil skirt for the office but still has enough flow to be worn with jeans and sneakers for a more casual look. This blouse also comes in mink which is a soft pink color.

Next in my package was the Crème Modpants. Hallelujah! These pants are meant to be lived in! These extra-wide leg pants are so comfortable and stylish. The color is a great basic to build a fabulous outfit on. Made from 100% cotton, they are ideal for literally all seasons (except maybe winter in Canada). One thing I did notice about these pants is that depending on what is worn underneath, dark colours will show slightly. You can either ensure undergarments are neutral colors, do a front tuck on your blouse or leave your top untucked to keep the back covered. The modpants also come in midnight black.

Finally, I received the Ivory Chiffon Hijab from the “Rustic Collection”. I love chiffon because of how light and airy the material is. This hijab didn’t disappoint! The buttery color is a perfect neutral and would be lovely on all skin tones. Modeste has 4 main hijab collections; Rouge, Serenity, Azul, and Rustic. Each collection has a lovely selection of must-have colours.


Now, let’s talk quality. The blouse, modpants, and hijab are all quite high-quality pieces. They are well sewn with clean well-finished seams. The sizing is perfect. I usually wear a Medium and the pieces I got couldn’t have fit me more perfectly.


To have a great wardrobe that can take you day to night, season to season, and event to event your pieces need to be versatile. You need to be able to mix and match them with other pieces you have in your wardrobe to create stylish, new outfits. These pieces are incredibly versatile. The neutral colours lend themselves well to pairing with more bold pieces. It's like a blank canvas to layer and create a gorgeous outfit on.


Finally, price. Often small business clothing lines are a little pricier than mainstream shops. I found Modeste to have fairly reasonable prices.

Pearl Blouse - $45.00

Crème Modpants – $50.00

Ivory Chiffon Hijab - $12.00

Other Products I Love:

Knit Dress with Cardigan - $80.00

Sheba Abaya - $75.00

Hijab Magnets - $6.00