3 Tips for Being a More Confident Hijabi

I see you sister! I see you putting on your crown each day. I see you! I see you running your fingers through your hair, looking at yourself in the mirror imagining yourself walking out that door. I see you! I see you reaching for those layers of clothes even on the hottest of days. I see you! I see you having a "bad hijab day" that day when the hijab style you can do with your eyes closed, isn't working and you are thinking that messy bun of yours would be so much easier. I see you!

I see you because I am you! Over the past 11 years of wearing hijab, I have had countless days where I doubted my choice to wear hijab. Where I was unsure if I wanted to continue. Where I was affected by the noise around me. That noise that sounds so loud from the media, and others around me. There was a time when Islamophobia and Anti Islamic Terrorism was at an all-time high here in Canada. As a very visible Muslim (which usually would make me so happy) was something I feared. Always looking over my shoulder, ready, on guard like a soldier.

Just like all women, we are on a confidence rollercoaster. Somedays you are at the top of that ride, and other days the ride isn't even in order. We've all been there. Our confidence is affected by so many factors.

Some include:

- Relationships

- Changes in our bodies

- Career changes

- The media

- Social Media

- Sense of belonging and Community

As a have a bit of an added layer, a few more factors to battle. These factors can be overt or covert. We might not even know we are battling them every day.



1. Understand Why You Are Wearing Hijab:

Understand your WHY? YOUR why. Not why you think you should be wearing a hijab. Not why others wear hijab. Not why you were told you should be wearing a hijab. WHY ARE YOU WEARING HIJAB????? If you have to write out your hijab story in detail. What was the moment you decided you needed to do this? What have you learned since? Has your reason for wearing a hijab or the meaning you put behind that scarf changed?

Once you fully understand why you wear hijab, you can remind yourself often of that reason. You can easily explain it to others (not that you need to justify your choice but you might want to.)

2. Own Your Own Style:

I believe our clothing is an outward expression of who we are on the inside. It is a creative outlet. We are a walking canvas. Wearing a hijab shouldn't take away from that. Hijab is simply apart of all of that. Whatever style you are drawn to, go for it! Allow your hijab to be a part of that. Vintage, Feminine, Casual, Formal, Hipster, Boho, Street, Artsy, Etc. Own it!

3. Surround Yourself with People Who Empower You:

"Find your tribe and love them hard". Surround yourself with other women who understand your struggle. Surround yourself with women who will not shame you for your struggle. Surround yourself with women who will joke around about how frustrating it is to put your hijab back on after you just got your hair cut, colored, and blown out! Surround yourself with people who love you, care about you, and will gently fix that crown when it slips without anyone else noticing.

What tips do you have for having more confidence as a hijabi?