What Colors to Wear to Make Your Eyes POP!

Eyes are the window to the soul. This age old saying could not be more true. You can tell so much from someone's eyes. You can see hope, love, fear, frustration and confusion. Eyes can even reveal the feelings you didn't even know you were had. Wow!

People will go to great lengths to enhance the color of their eyes. It is known that skin tone, hair color and makeup can play a role in the intensity of your eye color. A fabulous bold lip color, a perfect combination of eye shadow or a swipe of eye liner in just the right color can surely play up your eyes.

Have you ever heard someone say "Wow that shirt makes your eyes pop?" I want to make your eyes pop everyday so I am sharing with you what colors your should be wearing to make your gorgeous eyes shine.

Blue- Eyed Babe:

As strange as it may sound, orange is a great color to highlight those baby blues. Orange is a complementary color to blue on the color wheel the combination. If you have blue eyes you can enjoy all the shades of orange and blue also! Go ahead and reach for burnt orange or tangerine and baby blue to royal blue.

For a more subtle look, neutrals like beige and taupe. If you are drawn to shades of pink, that's great because they also work well to highlight blue eyes but bold fuchsia will intensify the cool blue the most.

Green-Eyed Goddess:

In addition to wearing greens like emerald and olive green you can enhance your gorgeous eyes with shades of purple. Green and purple are complimentary colors so they contract with each other perfectly. If you have dark green eyes, reach for lighter purples like lavender or mauve. If your eyes are a lighter shade of green, hues like royal purple or plum will help to make pale eyes pop. The darker the purple, the more intense your eye color will appear.

Another complimentary color scheme which may seem unusual for green eyes include coral and yellow hues.

Brown- Eyed Bombshell:

Unlike Blue and green, brown does not lie on the color wheel which means it does not have any complimentary colors. It is considered a neutral as it is a mix of all the primary colors. The best colors to show off those deep brows are warm hues like soft pink, reds, orange and burgundy. Bright blues and golds can also be a great choice.

Hazel- Hottie:

If you have hazel eyes you have the best of both the green and brown worlds of color. Hazel eyes are the chameleon of eye colors. To pick up the darker Purple, green, brown, or orange will bring out your eyes beautifully.

You may think we are just talking about clothing here but the same concept applies to eye makeup.....

And even hair color can make a difference....

Do you feel you are choosing pieces that will accentuate your eyes? Are you naturally reaching for these colors?

Happy Matching!