Comfy and Cute; 4 Casual Outfits You Can't Wait to Wear

The "C" word for me is a scary word...CASUAL! Autocorrect in my brain translates that to a dreaded "F" word "FRUMPY"! I've always had a very fine line between what I consider casual and what everyone else considers business casual or even dressy.

There are some days when I am in a hurry, or just not feeling like putting a full outfit together so I need something quick, easy, comfy and still cute! So here are 4 outfits in which you will be comfy and still stylish:

1. Printed Hoodie:

This is actually the easiest outfit in the world. There are so many adorable printed hoodies out there. Grab one, or more and keep them on hand

2. Sweatsuit:

This kind of look can be a hit or miss and really depends on the sweatsuit you choose. Choose one that fits nicely, a great material and has some kind of unique detail. You aren't going for the couch potato look!

3. Printed T's:

I love a leopard print and I love a comfy t-shirt. These are one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. A great graphic t-shirt can basically be worn with anything from a blazer to a cardigan or a denim jacket.

4. Cotton Skirt:

I wasn't really a skirt wearing girl until this year. I love the silhouette a skirt gives. Also, a skirt, if the right fit always looks really chic, feminine and stylish. Pair it with a cute top and a denim jacket and you got a great outfit in seconds.