3 Things to Stop "Saving for a Special Occasion" and What to Get Rid of NOW!

I read this quote I just loved “Don’t save anything for a special occasion, being alive is a special occasion”. Isn’t that so true? I mean we get to wake up each day to an experience, adventure, and opportunity and we think that’s not special enough for some sparkly bracelet or pretty earrings. Common! Why do we hang on to these “special” pieces? What exactly are we waiting for?

Here are 3 Things to Stop Saving for a “Special Occasion” and What to Get Rid of NOW:

Clothing: Life is too short to wear clothes you don’t love when you have clothes you do love! Your clothing outwardly expresses who you are. Who do you want the world to see? It’s not even about other people but what you wear can make you feel confident, powerful, and ready to take on the world. Or it can make you feel frumpy, lazy and down. Get dressed everyday like you have a reason to celebrate! That means go to lunch in that fabulous top you were gifted so many years ago but you’ve never worn.

Get rid of clothing items that no longer fit you. Stop hanging on to the idea that you will someday go back to being a size 2! Dress the body you have now and dress it well. Look for items that flatter you. Flattering fit, color, texture and style. Get rid of clothing that do not excite you.

Jewelry: What event would be good enough for that pearl necklace your husband got you for your 2nd anniversary? What about your wedding ring? I don’t mean the band you wear day to day, I mean the diamond ring your husband took time to find. The one he decided was worthy of YOU. Stop saving necklaces, bracelets, and rings your think are “too fancy”. Just wear them! They are not being enjoyed by you or anyone else sitting in their box.

To make way for the beautiful pieces you will be wearing, it’s time to get rid of old accessories and jewelry. Jewelry and accessories that are no longer in perfect condition need to go. This means the color has changed, beads have fallen off, one earring is missing, etc. Also, if they do not fit your style any longer get rid of it! Basically, if you are not reaching for that piece, move on past it.

Handbags and Shoes:

I know you have you have a closet full of lovely handbags you never use. You stick to your same bag everyday no matter the outfit you are wearing. You keep organizing and reorganizing them but never use them. Some of them still have tags and are still in their cloth bags they came with. Use them! What are you waiting for? That shoe holder you have hanging in your closet, dig in and start wearing those shoes! What’s wrong with wearing a heel or sparkly shoes on the regular?

Go through the handbags and shoes you have. If your handbags are ripped, zippers are broken, straps are coming apart, or they just aren’t in great condition anymore get rid of them. Once again, if they do not fit your style or functional needs, pass them on. For shoes, check that your shoes don’t have broken heels and are not damaged in any other way. They should also fit you! Your feet will not shrink and likely won’t grow so don’t hang on to the shoes you will probably never wear. Finally, comfort is an important factor. Although those amazing pumps cost you eating kraft dinner for a month to save up, they are not comfortable! You will never wear them!

If you look around your home, you will notice you save more than just clothing and jewelry for special occasions. How many unlit candles do you have that you keep dusting and moving from one spot to another? How many sets of beautiful dishes or glassware do you have in your China cabinet you haven’t touched? How about serving dishes, towels, table clothes, artwork and home decor? Stop saving these things! Use them! Enjoy them!

Here’s to making every day a special occasion!