How to Put a Great Outfit Together in 3 Easy Steps!

Have you ever looked through your closet and felt like you had nothing to wear? Have you put an outfit together just to take it off and proceed to change your outfit 5 more times? I have! There have been many times, I have felt like a fashionista and there are equally the same amount of times, I have felt like a little girl playing dress up with her mom's clothes. Nothing seems to look just right!

There has to be an easy way to put an outfit together and look chic every time! No fuss! There is!

1. Think about the focus of your outfit. Choose your main piece and build your outfit around it. This could mean, you have a unique top you want to showcase. Perhaps you have a beautiful dress that should be the focus of your outfit. It could be a great pair of pants you want to shine.

2. Pick accent colors. Choose the least noticeable color in your focus piece and make that your accent color. You accent piece can be your hijab, a cardigan or blazer, your pants or skirt and even your shoes or handbag

3. Accessorize. Add a watch, a belt, a handbag, great shoes,or a lovely necklace.

That's it! It's actually that easy!


Here are some outfits that I have put together that have followed these exact steps:

Focus: Jacket

Accept: Grey hijab

Accessories: Brooch and necklace

Focus: Top

Accent: Brown hijab

Accessories: Unique necklace

Focus: Blazer

Accent: Top and Skirt

Accessories: Necklace

How do you like to put your outfits together?