5 Trends I'm Getting Excited About for Spring!

Spring is just around the corner. Our gorgeous Canadian sun is warming the air and our loooong winter is melting away. I'm starting to think about Spring cleaning my closet and getting out do some Spring shopping! I love shopping! I have been doing some research on all the best trends of Spring 2019 and to be honest, some of them are not really going to end up in wardrobe but I wanted to share with you 5 that I am excited about.

1. Snake Skin Print:

I can't say it enough; I LOVE ANIMAL PRINT! The great thing about snake skin is it is more subtle than leopard print for example. It is a fantastic neutral that goes great with so many accent colors. You can use it as the focus of your outfit, like a great dress or an accept piece like a belt or handbag. Snake skin, like most other animal prints are ageless, timeless and occassion-less. Meaning anyone, at any age can where it anytime!

2. Neutrals:

One unusual trend for Spring 2019 is full outfits in shades of beige. I say it's unusual because more commonly, Spring calls for light shades of colors and beautiful prints to bring us back to life from the long winters. I'm not sure if it's an age thing (hello 30's), but I am becoming a big fan of neutrals. A completely monochromatic outfit has never been my style but I think that you can break up a seemingly boring beige outfit but playing with shades and textures. Also, you can add a subtle pale color to liven things up a bit.

3. Polka Dots:

Floral is usually my go to for Spring but polka dots is going to be a close second this year. Polka dots are so versatile. They can be paired very well with many other prints, especially florals. Polka dots are also great for day or night. Casual or formal. Imagine an adorable polka dot blouse for a fun lunch date with your girlfriends or a fabulous polka dot dress for a wedding or anniversary dinner.

4. Prints, Prints, and More Prints:

If you aren't loving the subtle neutral look, slide on over to the other end of the spectrum and enjoy all the prints! You can also try your hand at mixing prints. I am a huge fan of a great print but for this Spring I am feeling all things floral!

5. Lavender and Hot Coral:

I have this strange thing against purple. I mean like that bubble gum purple. I do however like lavender. I feel like it is such a romantic, feminine color. It's subtle, and not quite a neutral, but a very versatile color. On the other hand, we have hot coral which is making a scene this Spring. It's a fun color between orange and red. It's bright and bold and whole lots of fun!

I can not wait to fill my wardrobe with all my new Spring pieces! I'm looking for fabulous pieces that I can feel amazing wearing. Looking for bright colors, prints and unique pieces to welcome the warmth and the sunshine!

What Spring styles are you excited about?

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