5 Accessories Every Fashionista Needs to Have

As a self-proclaimed accessory addict, I can't get enough of necklaces, earrings, brooches, handbags, or anything else I can get my hands on! The options are endless! To have a proper accessory wardrobe you would need an infinite amount of money and ton of space to keep it all! There are however 5 accessories you just can not live without!

1. Statement Necklace:

Go for it! Put on a fabulous, bold and beautiful statement necklace. The right one can go from day to night; casual to formal. These standout pieces are best worn when paired with a simple outfit. Keep the rest of your jewelry simple. You do not want to risk looking like a little girl playing dress-up with her mom's jewelry. This piece should be focus of the outfit. Let it shine!

2. Statement Earrings:

Even with my hijab I am all about the earrings! Many Hijabis think that you can't wear earrings with hijab but YOU SURE CAN! There are a ton of great hijab styles that allow you to wear earrings! Here is a great example from Saima's Corner. Earrings are a great way to add a fun touch to any outfit. Your outfit could be totally basic and your earrings would take it to another level. Statement Earrings are especially nice with formal looks.

3. Classic Sunglasses:

I'm not really the type to go for crazy trendy sunglasses. I am a firm believer in going for "stylish" vs. "trendy". Choose a great pair of high quality sunglasses with a great shape that suits your face shape and personal style. The range of styles sunglasses is tremendous! From Cat Eyes, to jeweled, Mirrored, Round, Sporty and so much more. The options are endless. I would opt for 2-3 versatile pairs.

4. Simple and Versatile Long Necklace:

Slip this on anytime, anywhere. You need a necklace that is simple. Go for a long chain with a cute pendant on it for the workplace. Why not go with a boho look for a summer inspired look? Long necklaces can easily be layered too to give your outfit some extra uumf!

5. Unique Handbag:

Anyone who knows me, knows that my handbag is one of the most important accessories I have. My handbag is more than just something I carry my belongings in. I am even willing to switch handbags multiple times a week! You can read about how I do this on my article: "Handbag Essentials + Perks and Tips for Switching Purses Often" Although a neutral every day handbag is essential, a unique, fun and playful handbag is also a must for your collection! Go for something with a great pattern, color or shape.

5. A Cute Belt:

A great collection of waist belts gives you a complete and updated finish to your outfit. The right belt can make a casual, just randomly thrown together look like you are a real fashionista. The styles of belts are endless but there are a few that you should definitely try out for size:

1. A leopard print belt - well because leopard goes with everything!

2. Metallic belt - because you should always add a little sparkle to your outfit!

3. Wide leather belt - because it looks so high fashion!

What are your favorite accessories you just can't go without?