Product Review - Kim Cotton Head Wrap from Modest Mall Turbans


You all know I love my turbans! I can wrap a turban with pretty much any scarf but I believe I've now found the holy grail of turbans. Modest Mall contacted me and offered to send me one of their amazing head wraps. How could I possibly turn down an offer like that?


As soon as I opened the package I was in love.  The color of the pattern on this turban was just perfect! So unique! What's really interesting about this type of turban is that it is a long one piece tube. You will know the front from the back because the front has a bit of a criss cross in the front. These turbans fit so nicely and sit so comfortably on the head.  


Modest Fashion Mall offer a huge selection of turbans and head wraps. They aim to help women to be modest while still looking modern and fashionable. They have a wide variety of colors, designs, fabrics and patterns to suit every woman's personal style and needs.  Modest Fashion Mall offer FREE shipping worldwide, the only down side is you have to wait a bit to receive your order. It'll be worth the wait! 


The Material:

These head wraps are a blend of cotton and spandex. It's a great combination for the softness and comfort of the cotton and the stretch and hold of the spandex makes for an ideal head wrap.  Nobody wants to be fussing with their head wrap as it slips out of place. You will not have that problem with these. I wore mine all day (8:30 am to 6 pm) and I didn't have to adjust it even once. Also did I mention they are so comfortable?!


The Pattern:

This particular style of head wrap  comes in 6 different patterns. African inspired, all have amazing color combinations. Choosing your favorite is very difficult! Although I don't usually wear ANYTHING with purple, I was very much drawn to the color combination; purple, orange, and teal. It's so bold! Just my style! 


Easy of Use:

Slip on head wraps like this one are so easy to use! They are perfect to grab and go.  It takes less than 3 minutes to wrap these.

1. Slip it on

2. Wrap around as you prefer

3. Tuck.

That's all, 3 easy steps! 





Want to see a tutorial? Go ahead and check  it out!  "Kim Cotton Head Wrap"



Have you tried head wraps like these?  How would you style them?


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