My Handbag Essentials+ Perks and Tips for Switching Purses Often

A woman's purse; especially a mother's purse is a like a treasure chest! You never know what you can find in it! The thought of switching purses often seems like a ridiculously tedious task and really why not use the same purse until the end of time?! I on the other hand switch my purse easily 4-5 times a week. Insane I know. Really it comes down to the fact that for me my purse is a completion of my outfit. It's not just something I use to carry stuff in. I mean, it does that too, but if it works with what I'm wearing they why not? Close your eyes and imagine the shelf you have all your purses on. Is it full of fabulous handbags you haven't touched in FOREVER? Now you can reclaim all those handbags and rock each one very easily!



1. Essentials- Keys, Wallet, Sunglasses

These are my must have items. It goes without saying that I can not leave home without these. I will also note that my wallet is quite large. I really like Guess wallets. I find they have lots of space and they always have lovely patters. In my wallet, I keep credit cards, a small amount of cash and some gift cards I may need to use as I am running errands.

2. Beauty - Lip color and tissues

I don't really carry much on the beauty side. I am a lipstick addict so not having a lip color (pretty much any color) is not an option. One time, I found 5 different colors in my purse! Also, tissues are a given! Can't get caught without one! Especially with little ones around.

3. Miscellaneous - Gum and Personal Items

These are items you can easily jump into Walmart, Target or any convenience store to grab if needed. My favorite gum is the Mentos Pure Gum which I find at Dollarama. It's extra minty, and I find the flavor lasts a long time. Also, a pen for those rare times you need one but never have one! If it's a cute pen, then that's a bonus.

Tips for Switching Purses Often:

1. Clean Out the Clutter Every Time: This means throwing out any garbage, dealing with receipts or papers. The biggest perk to switching handbags often is that you cut down on the amount of clutter that can make its way into your bag. By switching often, you also prolong the lifetime of your handbags rather than one bag taking the brunt of the wear and tear.

2. Use Similar Compartments: The easiest way to make a quick switch is to have your items in small pouches or similar compartments. For example, you might put all your beauty products together in a cute pouch. You may use the inner pockets of handbags for headphones or small items.

3. Keep Your Handbags Organized: People across the world are obsessed with the "Konmari Method" of organizing by Marie Kondo. One thing I found very helpful was the "bag in bag" method of organizing handbags. This means, placing one handbag inside of another larger handbag. I found this to work well as it takes up less space, makes the handbags more visible and for bags with little structure, they do not get squished and damaged.


  • Your handbags last longer!

  • Less clutter in your handbag!

  • Reclaim your handbags and ACTUALLY use them!

  • Handbags are a great accessory to even the simplest outfit!

Challenge (if you wish to accept):

Try switching your bag 3 times (or more) in one week. See how it feels and how easy it actually is!