Outfit Recreate; Striped Turtleneck

I recently purchased a black and white striped turtleneck from Marshalls Canada and honestly, I had no idea how I was going to style it in a unique way. I had a basic idea, ie. pairing it with jeans and a solid hijab, likely pink (because I love black with pink) but I wanted to try something else. So I did my research. I searched for "How to wear a striped turtleneck" and presto! The outfit I was looking for popped up for me! It's really easy for us to get stuck in our comfort zone. Think of your clothing as your favorite meal. I love spaghetti! I can eat it often but do I want to eat it every day? No way! Some days I want fajitas, or sushi or stir fry. It's about variety and excitement. What we know looks good on us is easier to fall back to especially when it comes to styles, and color combinations. I've been trying to get inspired to try new things. This outfit is one of those new looks for me.

Here is the inspiration I found:

I fell in love with this outfit. It totally spoke to me. It's the perfect balance of casual and dressy; let's call it "Dressy Casual". Ideal for my life and my style!


Conveniently, I had all the pieces need to recreate this look:

Striped top... Got it!

Fur vest... Got it!

Boots... Got it!

Great handbag...Got it!

My outfit details:

Top: Marshalls Canada

Vest: Simons Canada

Jeans: Old Navy (Power Jean)

Handbag: Coach

Boots: Call it Spring

I would love your thoughts about this look. How would you recreate it for yourself? What would you add?