Product Review- Fatomina Hijabs

I was very excited when Fatomina Hijab reached out to me to do a review for their amazing Hijab Collection! After looking at their website and wide variety of hijabs, I could not say no! My package arrived quite quickly from Kuwait which I was surprised about. They offer express International shipping so that is definitely a bonus! Nobody likes to wait for a package.

When my package arrived I was so thrilled to jump into it! Anyone who knows me, knows I MUST wear anything new that I get right away! I received 7 fabulous hijabs. All different colors, styles and fabrics.

Black Solid Chiffon Hijab with Lace detail: This is my favorite hijab of the bunch. I hadn't worn a black hijab in so long but this one, is perfect! The material is so light. The lace detail makes it so feminine and elegant. As like, any chiffon hijab, you need to be aware that sometimes you can see through the material a little. I found that when I layered the hijab as I wrapped it, it was perfectly fine.

Red Jersey Hijab with Lace detail: I am a sucker for very feminine details like pearls and lace. The material of this jersey hijab is so soft and luxurious. It sits so beautifully and can go from day to night so easily. Unlike most plain jersey hijabs which I usually consider a more casual hijab, this one is more versatile.

Navy Blue Jersey Hijab with Pearl detail: I love pearls and I love navy blue. Navy blue is a great neutral alternative to black. It is less harsh and so it can be worn by almost anyone. It also pairs so nicely with so many other colors. This material is amazing. Like the red jersey, the material is luxurious and so easy to wear. Also, this hijab is an amazing day to night hijab. It would look fantastic with jeans and runners or a beautiful dress.

White Cotton Hijab and Grey Cotton Hijabs: These are fantastic go to hijabs. They are easy to grab and go. Ideal for running around and getting things done! It's an incredible feeling when you don't have to worry about your hijab slipping and sliding while you are busy rocking life.

Light Beige Jersey Hijab: This lovely hijab is a staple in any hijab wardrobe. It's an amazing neutral that basically goes with any color. Especially if you love brown tones. The jersey material has a shine to it which just speaks to the quality and the fabric.

Mauve Hijab: I am just in love with this hijab. As a solid, it is great for pairing with printed tops. The color is fantastic too. It's a pale mauve so it will not overpower anything you pair it with but allow the other piece to standout.


I would say I was very impressed with the quality of these hijabs. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to review them and now I get to wear them alllll the time! These 7 hijabs are a fantastic addition to my hijab collection. I think I may have to push some other hijabs out! I would highly recommend taking a look at the Fatomina Hijab website and taking advantage of great prices and express shipping for a fabulous product!

Remember: "Allah is beautiful and loves beauty"