My Search for the Perfect "Mom Jeans"

Let's talk about "Mom jeans". When you imagine "mom jeans", surely we think of those high waisted jeans that were originally fashionable in the 1980's. During the 1990's and 2000's they were most often worn by middle-aged women and were viewed as unfashionable for "trendy" women. Even as a mom the thought of wearing "mom jeans" was scary!

I love jeans! They are a staple in my wardrobe. I've warn every style of jean from skinny jeans to bootleg. In my 20's low rise skinny jeans were my jam but now, with my changing life and body, low and even mid-rise jeans are a no go. They look great but my life is not just standing still and posing for pictures. So my search the perfect "mom jean" began! I HATE shopping for jeans but I've always had luck with Old Navy jeans. I've tried jeans on in EVERY store out there and haven't had any luck. Guess has amazing jeans but they just aren't made for us busy moms.

Finally, I found a pair that I LOVE! Old Navy came out with the "Power Jeans". They are high waisted jeans with a straight leg. Naturally, I bought 2 pairs; light denim and dark. I have to say they are incredibly comfortable and they move with me! They look good and feel amazing on! I highly recommend them. Also, the price point is great!

In doing more research, I have found that every brand out there has started to create "mom jeans"! Zara, American Eagle and H&M just to name a few! The key detail is the high waist that is essential. It's about being about to move freely without having to worry about your jeans not sitting in place. Also, let's be frank with the fact that some of us may have bits and pieces of our bodies that other lower rise jeans just don't flatter.

I'm always searching for great jeans so if you have found the jackpot of jeans, do tell me about it!