4 Must Try Color Combinations

I've been trying to find new and exciting color combinations. It's so easy to get comfortable with colors you are used to and know look great on you. So let's shake things up for you. Here are some color combo I absolutely love!

Light Blue and Mustard.

I am especially loving mustard this fall and winter. For me it has to be right shade of mustard. Not the yellow mustard but more the golden mustard. Mustard is also amazing with olive green!

Black and Red

This is one of my go to color combinations. It's always a great choice. Both colors make for great accent colors so go bold with a red dress paired with black shoes or belt. Or, try out a great black blouse with a red hijab or even just red lipstick! Always classy and chic!

Grey and Pink or Eggplant

This combination is another combo you will go back to over and over again. Pink and eggplant can be work with all shades of grey. Light or dark, it's a winning look! Grey is a perfect and very versatile neutral.

Yellow and Magenta

Not going to lie, I love a bold look and I fell in love with yellow this past summer. The most typical pairing would be white but I wanted to do something different. I reached for my magenta hijab and I was sold! Yellow comes in so many different shades, so try them all and see which ones you feel most comfortable in!

What color combinations are you loving right now? Give me a suggestion for something new to try!