5 Genius Ways to Deal With Your Extra Scarves!

I like many other women have many many scarves. After 10 years of wearing hijab, I have collected a whole pile of scarves in all colors, patterns and fabrics. During that same period of time, my hijab style has changed so with every style change, I've needed different scarves. Printed chiffon scarves, to square scarves, to jersey scarves, to large maxi scarves, to crinkle scarves and the list goes on. Recently, I decided to purge my scarves. I found a number of scarves, I was no longer using and some I had never used! You know those scarves that someone gifts you that don't really fit your style? You can only hang on to those for so long!

Here are 4 GENIUS ways to deal with your extra scarves:

1. Donate them! There are many woman who would love to have new to them scarves. You can easily find women's shelters, and charities that will gladly take your donations.

2. Swap them! Every hear of a clothing swap? It is a fun way to get new to you items without spending a ton of money. All you have to do is get your girlfriends together where each one brings the clothing items she doesn't need. All items are put out on display and the ladies are free to "shop". At the end, everyone has not only been able to get rid of unwanted items, but they go home with new and exciting pieces they love to add to their wardrobe!

3. Repurpose them! There are a ton of DIY articles out there for how to repurpose scarves. They can be made into everything from vests, to tops, to tote bags to even home decor! Get crafty and creative!

4. Find different ways to wear them! Scarves can we worn an infinite number of ways! Rather than just a hijab, try wearing it around your neck. Tie one on your handbag for a fabulous European look. Why not, tie it as a belt? Larger scarves can be draped over a fabulous top and belted for a unique and trendy look.

5. Sell them! There are many consignment stores that will take your used items and pay you for them! This is especially true of you have high quality, high end scarves.

How do you deal with your extra and unwanted scarves?