Wear it Now! Plaid for Fall!

The top trends for Fall 2018 are something to get excited about! First of all, because they are all my favourite styles and secondly because most of us have so many pieces ALREADY in our closets. Let's be honest, trends continue to cycle and if you keep items just long enough (assuming they still fit), you'll be able to wear them all over again! I've been seeing lots of t-shirts and oversized sweatshirts I remember from growing up as a 90's child. I guess a cotton sweatshirt with Coca-Cola in vibrant colors was bound to resurface at some point!

Alongside magenta, all over animal print, leather and statement headwear, plaid comes out on top for the Fall trends of 2018. I have to admit I am loving this trend. I wasn't really into it before because I had always seen plaid as a casual print. One you might wear on a flannel shirt while sipping hot chocolate in a cabin in the woods after you cut up wood for the fire. If you know me, you'd know that's not really my scene! Plaid is actually a very versatile print. Depending on the size of the "checks" it can be a great neutral print like animal or houndstooth.

I had some time to kill before picking up my son from school so I went to Marshalls. I mean what's a mama to do?! I couldn't just go get groceries, or run other useful errands! No way! I had 30 mins alone, I was going shopping! Then I came across this lovely jacket in a great bold red plaid. The thing that actually drew me to it was the style of the jacket. I adore the large lapels which I immediately envisioned putting a brooch.

I loved this jacket with my jeans and knee high boots from Call it Spring. I am very excited to pair it with my new black skirt also! I have a feeling it'll be a staple this Fall!