Fall Fashion; How to Wear a Fur Vest

Let's talk about fur vests! Why? Because they are cozy, comfy and totally fabulous! I was very hesitant before I purchased my first vest. I looked through a ton of different styles. At the risk of looking like Donna stepping off the set of That 70's Show, I decided to give it a go. The thing I love about fur vests is that they can be very voguish and fabulous for a bit of a dressier look over a lovely dress, or they can be fun and and casual or jeans and a sweater. Aside from looking very chic, they keep you at least a bit warm in cooler temperatures. Will they stand up to our -30 Great North temperatures? No! But for a busy mom like myself running from home to the car, to school , then back to the car, they do the job!

I wanted to share to different vest styles with you that I just love!

This first look is my "casual" look. I say it with " " because I struggle with casual styles. My casual ends up looking like a normal person's dressed up look. I do love this vest and I have worn it so many times. I found this twik faux- fur sweatshirt vest it at Simons in this lovely brown or they also had black. I just felt that this color looked so rich. I adore how it has a bit of grey in there too. What makes this a more casual look for me is that the back is cotton. The fur part is only in the front. Otherwise, it looks like a sweatshirt vest from the back.

This all over grey fur vest is my "dressier" vest. Here I've toned it down with a cable knit sweater and jeans but would easily throw it over a fabulous dress for a night out. I think choosing an all over fur vest was harder for me, as it can look very overdone if you don't choose one that is perfect for your style, shape and size.

How do you feel about the fur vest fashion? What style is your favourite?