Clothing Attachments; Why I Can't Let Go

Are you so attached you just can't let go? Do you have clothing items in your closet from 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 15 years ago? If you do, then perhaps it's time to see why that is and talk about letting it go.

Have you seen someone wearing an t-shirt that had obviously seen many many good days and clearly needed to be laid to rest? Why do people hang on to them? Sometimes clothing items or objects will have a significant meaning to someone that a person on the outside couldn't possibly understand. People are complex and so are their emotions. Most often attachments are made when that clothing item holds a strong memory. It could be a great concert they attended, the moment they met the love of their life, a memory for college days, a childhood memory, a gift from a special person, etc.

I don't have too many clothing items that I am really attached to emotionally. There are a few pieces I've had that held some kind of special meaning to me. They are connected with special memories that really moved me. For example: A t-shirt my sister and I bought together on a road trip we had to Kelowna, B.C. It was an important time for us because we had somewhat grown apart after I left for university and I planned this trip to help us reconnect. We had a great time!

I do want to tell you about another clothing item I have had for 9.5 years. I don't wear it often, but I can't possibly let it go. Not yet at least. I know you will all think I'm so sappy and roll your eyes but it really is something I hold dear to me because it does hold a significant memory for me. A memory, I've shared with many many people over and over again and one that turned my life totally around.

The clothing item is..... The top in this picture. I bought this top in the late winter of of 2008. It was from Urban Behaviour, my favourite store at the time. I spent a great deal of my early 20's at the mall shopping. That's not surprising I know.

In January of 2009, I was invited to an event put on by my community. The Canadian Egyptian Association of Edmonton did events often and I was invited by my friend to attend one of them. I wasn't feeling like going but my friend urged me to go and so I went. I put on this very top, jeans, boots and a golden hijab.

The event was nice, I met lots of very nice people and it was comforting to be around other Egyptians. Until that evening I hadn't really realized there were many other Egyptians in Edmonton let alone a whole association devoted to bringing us together.

Among the many people I met, was one guy that kinda stuck with me. He was loud, super outgoing, very friendly, and let's be honest very attractive. He chatted with me for a while and we had those awkward get to know you moments. That was it, we went our separate ways. I had no idea I would be spending the rest of my life with that man. Yes, I met my husband that night.

After a few months, a surgery and many chats as friends we decided it was going to be more. The rest is history. Here we are 9.5 years from when we met.

Like I mentioned, I do not have many clothing items I hang on to for emotional reasons but this is one of them. My husband probably has no clue that's the reason I keep it (except that he reads all my articles so he'll know soon enough).

We recently purged through my husband's closet. He did have some clothing items from many years ago. It was obvious that he had held on to these things because they hold memories. Although he hadn't worn about 90% of these in many many years but still he kept them. As he tried on each piece I would catch smiles where you could tell he was getting those flashbacks of memories that moved him.

Although purging your closet is important for decluttering, I do think that if something really loves you, keep it. Revisit it later and you will know when it's the right time to let it go. When you do let go, keep in mind that the memory will not go away with it. We may think it will but memories are filed deep in our minds. When you need to retrieve it you can.

What do you have a significant attachment to and why?