4 Places to Find Outfit Inspiration

Feeling in a bit of an outfit rut? Feel like your style has been the same FOREVER? Have a closet full of clothes but only wear a few pieces? I have been on the search for new style inspiration. It's not that my style has changed but my life is always changing and I like to make sure my style reflects who I am. This includes having a versatile wardrobe to take me from park dates with the kids to Islamophobia talks to dinner dates and functions.

So where can you style inspiration?

1. Nature:

I love to mimic color combos found in nature. Look at flowers, trees, the sky, the mountains. anything! Also, everyone that knows me, knows I LOVE animal prints. Okay, not all animal prints. Leopard is my favourite!

2. In Public:

By this I mean look at the people around you. Keep your eyes peeled for that woman that has her style on point. There are lots out there! It might be one of the moms at your child's school, someone in the grocery store, a teller at the bank, etc. The thing here is you need to be realistic in who you get your inspiration from. Meaning, you need to find people with your same life so what what they are wearing is actually something you can put together. If you are a busy mom like me, eyeing up a corporate executive and trying to mimic her style makes no sense! What you can do, is take color combo inspiration, and remake these outfits to suit your own life.

3. Social Media:

If you are really in the mood to get inspired check out lots of great style inspiration blogs, instagram pages, and facebook pages. Follow great fashion or lifestyle bloggers. There are so many you can find. Here are 2 I love!

Aqeelah Harron: I recently came across her on Youtube channel and I fell in love. Her style in on point, and her tips for "Modest Dressing" are so great!

Instagram - @fashionbreed

Facebook - /fashionbreedblog

Kiki Davies: This mom of 2 is a fashionista who is always wearing the right color of lipstick!

Instagram - @pursuingpretty

Facebook - /pursuingpretty

Also, use hashtags to search for inspiration: #outfitinspo #outfitoftheday #outfitinspiration #fashioninspiration #fashionblog

4. Download an App:

There are a number of fashion apps out there. There are some to organize your closet, others to help you shop and some for style inspiration. Here are some you may want to try;

a) CLADWELL: This is a great app for outfit inspiration using the items you ALREADY have! You input your items, your daily activities and outfits are suggested based on the weather and what you will be doing. You can get a FREE trial for 3 days, then it is $8/month. It's like a stylist in your pocket!

b) POLYVORE: This app will give you outfits and accessories for you to shop. The first step is to you take a style quiz so it gets an idea of your tastes. Then you can browse and “like” items on the app—the more you do it, the more it will get to know your personal style and show you items you’ll be obsessed with. It also lets you put together outfit ideas you can share with others.

c) CLOSETSPACE: If you are someone who tries to refrain from wearing the same outfit too often or you want to force yourself to wear more of your pieces this app is perfect for you. After you input your clothing items into the virtual closet, create outfits, the app tracks the last time you wore that outfit and gives your suggestions for outfits based on weather in your area. The great thing is that this app can be accessed on your smart phone or your laptop.

Where do you find your outfit inspiration? Can you suggest someone we should be following? Are there apps you really love? Share below!