Outfit of the Day: Classy Casual

As what we hope is the last bit of winter melts away and the warm of the sun shines on us poor Canadians I come alive. The sun just awakes something in me! I love Canada and all it's beauty. It's filled with greenery, mountains, valleys, lakes, wide open prairies, beaches and more. I can't even start talking about the people. Canadians are unlike any other group of people I've ever come across. So yes, I am very proud and blessed to be living here BUT, the weather is not as polite and kind as the people.

This year, we had a loooong winter. Although it was mild, it's been long. Even my daughter has been confused about the fact that we have snow in Spring. Perhaps we need to change the Canadian curriculum to reflect our actual weather patterns.

I will say, as a hijabi, I LOVE Spring and Autumn weather. They are perfect for being covered head to toe!

As a mom, I am always on the go. I really struggle with casual looks. I've said that a million times. I usually go from gym attire to dinner dates. There is little in between. I get dressed EVERY DAY! It would be exhausting to some but it is something that I love to do. I enjoy getting dressed even if it just to pick my daughter up from school or go grocery shopping. I have been working on developing some casual outfits that suit my on the go life, casual and comfortable but at the same time still classy and put together.

I found this longer black top at Winners. It's totally plain, which is opposite my usual go to but I think a staple in any weardrobe. I love light wash jeans for casual looks. My favourite pieces to add color, and a little personality is my Arabic Calligraphy Keffiyeh. I love the opportunity to showcase my culture any chance I get. Finally I love the color of this hijab. It is a thick chiffon so it doesn't slip and slide. Perfect for a turban wrap.

I hope you love this outfit! I would for you to share with me, your favorite casual looks!