Outfit of the Day: Mixing Neutrals

What is a neutral color? As Neutral seems like something kind of blah. Is it beige, brownish, greyish, off-white, sandy? Is it a color you resort to on those days you don't feel like getting dressed but desperately have to in order to? No way! Although neutral means "without color" it is basically a color that "goes with every other color". They are colors that are not greatly saturated along with the different hues of those colors. That's a must have color in your wardrobe! Makes for easy breezy color pairing.

What are some neutrals you already have in your closet:

  • Your classic black blazer

  • Those denim jeans that fit you like a glove

  • That long grey cardigan

  • Your go to white t-shirt

  • The camel ankle boots you bought this winter

  • The khaki trousers you love to wear

  • That olive skirt you bought love for Spring.

  • Your favourite navy blue hijab

As a rule,I usually wear outfits where I may have 2 neutral colored pieces but always have a pop of color for fear of seeming too "matchy- matchy". I add another color that is bold, or bright. For this outfit, I wanted to try all neutrals. I like how it turned out and since have re-worn this outfit a few times.

Outfit details:

  • T-shirt: I found this t-shirt at Old Navy. I didn't want a plain white shirt, so this very subtle pineapples on it were a perfect addition.

  • Cardigan: I've been on a long cardigan search. This black and brown cardigan is from Suzy Shier. I love the length and the hood!

  • Ankle Boots: I was lucky to find these super comfortable ankle boots at Call It Spring. I have a few other pairs but these are my go to pair.

  • Hijab: I adore this hijab from Modest Hijab. It is thins crinkle fabric. It is so light, relaxed and so comfortable to wear. Also one of the easiest hijabs to wrap.

Remember: "Allah is beautiful and loves beauty"