"The Travelling Hijabi" - New Series Coming to the Blog!

As I was in the Philippines this last month, I was thinking about my experiences in each of the countries we have travelled to. Elhamduallah we have had so many opportunities to travel to many different places from Montreal to Shanghai. We are so blessed to be able to experience the world in such a hands on way. My family and I get to meet the people, eat the food, walk the streets and be immersed into a whole other world. With all the amazing things we see around the world, the fact that I am a hijabi in all these places does give me a different experience than my husband. Not all experiences have been negative! But, there are challenges to being a Mohajaba and it seems that no matter which edge of the Earth you flee to, it's impossible to escape.

I am so excited to be starting a new series on my blog where I will share with you experiences I have had in different countries as a Hijabi. I will share with you the good, bad and the ugly. Remember that these are my own experiences and does not mean that every hijabi will face the same things. Our own beliefs, behaviours, demeanour, personality, expectations and more all contribute to our experiences. What I may take offence to, you may not and vice versa.

I really hope you will enjoy this series and I hope you will benefit from it in some way! Looking forward to your feedback!