Nowadays it is very important for parents to keep a close watch on what their children view on the internet. Leaving our kids with Youtube alone is asking for trouble. It seems that no matter what you start your search with, it always ends up in a chain of videos that leads eventually to something incredibly inappropriate.

The same goes for other sites. How many sites, can you really leave your children to play freely on without fear of content or in some cases predators? Now you don't have to worry! I recently learned of MuslimKidsTV. It is a very dynamic site where your children can find a wide variety of topics to learn about ranging from Arabic, Quran, Math and even Saving the Environment. There is so much for them to explore. It's also a great way for you to engage with your children.

The website is divided into a few pages. Each one opens a whole new space experience and so many possibilities.

Home: This is the headquarters of this whole experience. Here you get previews of what you can find on the other pages

Videos: The videos page is so fun! There are so many videos to choose from. There are videos available for all ages and on so many different topics. Everything from Qur'an stories to saving the environment. The content is very valuable and enriches the values we aim to teach our children as Muslims.

Games: What child does not like games?! We love them in our house! The games here on Muslim Kids TV are great. There are so many to choose from. Also, you can find them in different categories; Strategy & Simulation, Young Children, Education and Just for Fun. Each child has different interests and the variety here ensures each child finds a game they will enjoy.

Create and Share: This page is about encouraging children to create their own works of art, write stories and share their submissions with others.

Learn: This is my favourite page! There is so much to learn here. It is perfect for children to explore on their own, great for teachers and homeschooling parents. There are resources on so many different topics.

I really recommend this site for all parents. I truly appreciate how the site has been thought out really well. I believe that we need more portals like Muslim Kids Tv. It is a great place for children to learn, grow and have so much fun!

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