Dear Daughter: Advice About Being a Woman

Happy International Women's Day!!! Last night as I was perusing Facebook, with all the Women's Day posts popping up I was thinking about my daughter as a women. She's almost 5 now so I can literally only imagine what life will be like for her when she is 18, 22, 30 and so on.  Everything I know about life will be completely irrelevant to her. How will I help her navigate life if the tools I have will be considered "old school" at that point? I figured there are some bits of advice I can pass her that perhaps she can take with her as she moves through her journey.  Although I can't tell her how to check the tire pressure of her electric hover car, I can give her some tips that I have picked up along the way about being a women. 

  1. Be You Boo. We try too hard to be what others want us to be. Do not change who you are deep down to suit the needs of others or to "fit in".

  2. Don't let boys intimidate you. You are just as fast, smart, funny and witty. 

  3. Be kind. Make sure everyone is included and be willing to share your snacks

  4. Never skip gym class! You may want to but gym class is a very  important underappreciated class. Here you will build strength, endurance and skills. Here you can also learn about teamwork, competition and leadership.

  5. Make school your "job". School can be hard and studying isn't always fun but your future starts with your ABC's. 

  6. Don't Bully! 

  7. Speak up in class. Don't speak out, speak up! That means, if a teacher asks a question and you know the answer, you answer it! 

  8. Don't let anyone mock you or criticize you for your intelligence. You are an intelligent girl.  Remember that! If anyone tells you different; mama said so, so it's true! 

  9. Be a leader. A leader doesn't just lead followers. They lead other leaders. 

  10. Be proud of your accomplishments. Don't hide them. We both know I won't! 

  11. Do your best! Remember, we never give up! 

  12. Know that you are always supported and loved no matter what.

  13. Making mistakes is ok. We will learn from them and move past them. 

  14. It's ok to cry when it really hurts. Crying isn't a sign of weakness.

  15. Don't be too hard on yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. 

  16. Choose a career you love that is perfect for YOU. Do not be something just because it looks good on paper. Anything will look good on paper if you are good at it. 

  17. Take time for you. 

  18. Laugh as much as possible.

  19. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. 

  20. Establish a strong connection with Allah(swt). He is the only one who will be with you all day, everyday forever. 

  21. Make your Faith, your own. 

  22. Use your heart and your head to choose your husband. Marry for love but do not let love blind you. 

  23. Establish your rules and boundaries in your relationships. Demand respect and never let anyone treat you other than how you want to be treated. 

  24. Make Yourself a Priority.  You can not take care of others if you do not take care of yourself. 

  25. Be You Boo! In the end your journey is about YOU. 

 What advice would you give your daughter? What advice would you give your son?