Outfit of the Day: Must Have Long Cardigan

I only recently realized how finding a long cardigan (long as in knee length or longer) is like finding a rare gem. It's something you hang on to, cherish and never wear so you don't risk it getting dirty or ruined and you can keep it forever! Seriously! It's incredibly hard to find these so when you do, buy every color, style and size!

I did find a small family owned shop here in Edmonton called Iman Fashion Boutique. It's in a small mall close to my house I have been to 100 times but hadn't really noticed this shop. It was situated next to a Marshalls and I think I always just ended up there. Sadly, these large chains make us think they have what we need. We can often find ourselves ignoring the small boutiques and opting for one stop shopping in the big box retailers. Then one day, I spotted it! Out of the corner of my eye I saw... a LONG CARDIGAN! It was perfect! Lovely shade of grey with pearl embellishments! Silly me, I didn't buy it. Why you ask? I have no idea! I walked past this cardigan a dozen more times over the next month. I even thought about it while at home. I'd think of great outfits for it yet I hadn't purchased it!

Finally, I had to have it! It was still there! It's like it was waiting for me! I absolutely love it! The fabric is so light and easy to wear. The color is so versatile. Grey looks great with so many colors!

What did I learn from this experience:

1. There should never be any long cardigan left behind! Find it, try it, buy it, tell everyone where you found it!

2. Check out small family run shops. Remember that when you support them a real person is that much happier. Parents get to put food on the table. A family gets to enjoy a vacation together. Real people are affected!

This outfit: So I really wanted to play with the grey and not overpower the cardigan too much as it was the piece I wanted to highlight. I love grey and silver together. I hadn't tried gray and navy before but I like it. It's subtle. Gray and pink are my go to combo. This long necklace is from This lovely crinkly hijab is from MODESTYLE Collection. I love it!

Have you found long cardigans are hard to find? How do you style yours? What color combos do you love?

Remember: "Allah is beautiful and loves beauty"