World Hijab Day: What Does Hijab Mean To Me?

What does hijab mean to you? Why do you wear hijab? Both these questions are not easy to answer. There are an infinite number explanations for the meaning of hijab and even more reasons why someone would choose to wear it. There isn't one blanket statement for every Muslim woman. We are all very diverse and each one of us has factors in her life that may influence how and why she wears the hijab. Some may be, culture, upbringing, where she lives, Iman (Faith), understanding of the Deen (religion), her relationship with Allah (swt), her own personality, etc.

Now why do I wear hijab and what does it mean to me? See this is hard to explain even just for myself. I started wearing hijab 9 years ago. In the beginning, I wore it because I wanted a stronger relationship with Allah (swt). For me I felt that taking a big step like wearing hijab would fill the void I had experienced for so long. I had a longing for that relationship but never could figure out how to get it. I know now, there are many many ways to create and strengthen that relationship with Allah (swt) but at the time, hijab is what I needed.

Is that still my reason? Partly yes. It is one of many ways I choose to worship Allah(swt). But, it is no longer the only reason. Now that I am blessed to have a strong relationship with Allah (swt), I have given this simple head covering more meaning. The typical reason people believe we wear hijab is modesty, piety and righteousness. These are only partial reasons/meanings for me; I believe it is far more than that.

Hijab is my identity. I am a very proud Muslimah. I am proud because I know and understand my deen. I know that it is a religion based in Peace, Respect, Love, Acceptance, and more. I know in my heart that Allah (swt) is gracious, merciful, forgiving and all the rest of his 99 Names. I know that Islam is the Faith I was meant to practice. I have chosen to a Muslim. By wearing my hijab, I let others know who I am.

Hijab is my reminder. When I wear hijab I am reminded of my Deen. It reminds me to be kind, gentle, polite, understanding, accepting,and respectful. I am aware that I am an ambassador of the Deen. When someone meets me before they even know my name, they know the most intimate details about me. By covering my body, I expose my inner self. Expose my heart, my soul and my Faith.

Hijab is my liberation. Liberation from the oppression of sexualizing women. From the high demands that society has on the appearance of women. It's about being listened to for what I am saying and now how I look.

Hijab is my crown. Despite what the masses believe Islam put women above all. We are honoured, cared for, protected and respected. Anyone who follows the true teachings of Islam, the Quran, and practices of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) would know how women are truly supposed to be treated. Love, respect, admiration, caring and so much more.

Hijab is my choice. My right. My choice. My right.

Today and everyday I honour my sisters in Islam. " Those who wear hijab and those who do not. Each day is a battle and you are all soldiers. I admire you all, respect you all and am honoured to be one of you.

Much love! Happy World Hijab Day!

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