7 Steps on the Journey to Hijab

Starting to wear hijab is a journey. It can be a long and obstacle filled journey or a short and seamless journey. Each sister has her own journey. There are no rules, or milestones. There are no maps or signs to guide your way. You follow your heart and your soul. By following these steps, I hope to make your journey more meaningful, seamless and more enjoyable.

1. Knowledge: Ask yourself “Why do we wear hijab?” This is about understanding the REAL reason Allah (swt) has outlined for us to dawn the hijab. It is more than just memorizing the the verses in the Quran that speak to the hijab but really understanding its purpose. Alongside understanding is believing. It is vital to whole heartedly believe in wearing the hijab before taking that step.

2. Building a Support System: The next step is to look around you and define who will be your support system. Look for sisters who you can reply on in your moments of darkness and doubt. Who will be there to remind you of why you took this wonderful step? Who will be there to help you become a better Mohajaba each and every day? Who will be there to keep you strong in the face of obstacles? Also, this is the time where you may want to find a role model. Someone you can look up to and learn from.

3. Understanding Yourself: Ask your question “Why did I want to start wearing hijab?” If you cannot answer that, then you need to go back and reanalyze your choice.

4. The Basics – Hijabi must-haves:

Underscarves in a few varieties- Tube, Ninja, etc.

Arm covers – both bolero shrugs and half sleeve arm covers

Neck covers

Plain tops for layering

Cardigans and blazers

Plain hijabs.

5. Establishing Your Own Personal Style: Wearing hijab doesn’t mean you need to give up your inner fashionista! It just means you become a “hijabista”. You can easily keep your style while wearing hijab. Look at the aspects that make up your style and recreate it using hijab friendly pieces. Or even “hijabify” your current wardrobe!

6.Realizing Obstacles: I would be lying if I said that being such an obvious minority while the media surrounds being Muslim with negativity, prejudices and unfair stereotypes was easy. It is not and I applaud you for joining the Mohajabas of the world. Depending on where you live, you may face different obstacles from attaining education to attaining your dream profession. You may face stares, glares and comments. I will however tell you the joy you will feel from wearing the hijab and the spiritual uplifting you will be blessed with us well worth it. Remember, the blessing is in the struggle.

7.Understanding Your Role as a Mohajaba: You are an ambassador of your Deen. You are an example of what being a Muslim is really about. You are the picture that Non-Muslims will have in their mind for every other Muslim. Be a great example. Be a beautiful picture. Remember our Muslim values when it comes to charity and community. Open your mind and heart to honest dialogue with those of other Faiths. Teach do not preach. Answer questions with patience, and a smile. Remember that ignorance is just lack of knowledge and for the most part it is unintentional. You can change that!

Your role also includes lifting up other Muslimah sisters. Be the person other sisters turn to for help, and support. Be the reason they are better women, mothers, wives, sisters and Muslimahs.

Finally inspire our young girls and boys. Show them what a strong, passionate, righteous Muslim woman looks like. Help them fall in Love with Islam and teach them to live Islam to the fullest every moment of their lives. Inspire not only your own children, but mine too. We are an Ummah, a community and remember “it takes a village to raise a child”.

No matter what your journey looks like, remember that it is your journey. It is your life, your spiritual self and your relationship with Allah (swt). Nobody can go on that journey but you. Remember that you have millions of sisters who are here to support you and you are never alone. There may be obstacles, twists, turns and many hills to climb but the view and the feeling at the end is just priceless!

For a more indepth exploration of these 7 Steps, listen to my podcasts here.

What tips do you have for sisters who are on their Journey to Hijab?