Product Review: Lipsense - Smudge Proof, Kiss Proof Lip Color

About a year ago my friend invited me over for a "Lip and Sip". I was just looking for an excuse to get together with some ladies and try on some new lip colors. I was already a lipstick addict and never turned down a chance to try new, bold and beautiful colors. That night my eyes were opened wide to a world of color! More than 70 different colors! So overwhelming to be honest! Each color more gorgeous than the next! Based on the colors, I wanted all of them! What really got me excited was the fact that this product (which I had never heard of before) was:

1. Smudge proof! Ummmm, excuse me! You mean no lipstick marks on my starbucks cup?! That's right! This stuff doesn't come off! That means you can kiss your loved ones without leaving behind lip marks on their cheeks!

2. Long Lasting! This fantastic lip color lasts 4-18 hours. I know that's quite the range but when applied properly with 3 coats, you'll find it lasts through the bulk of your day without reapplying. Perfect for all your busy ladies out there! To put in into perspective, 1 tube of the Lipsense lip color is equal to 4 tubes of your regular lipstick! That's insane!

3. Does not dry your lips! I find so many lipsticks will just suck the moisture right out of your lips leaving them chapped but Lipsense lip colors do not at all.

4. Can get creative! The cool thing with these lip colors is that you can layer different colors to get different looks or pre-mix the colors to get different shades. That means with just two colors, you are actually getting multiple colors!

5. So many colors to choose from! I know I mentioned this but seriously it is what get's me excited the most! I am a lipstick lover and I usually lean towards bright and bold colors. You can't deny that sometimes a bright pink just isn't the way to go. The options here range from very subtle shades like "Cappuccino" to super bold like "Purple Reign" or "Kiss for a Cause".

Not only do you get options with the colors but also there are a few different glosses you can get that totally change your look! You can use the same color with a matte gloss, glossy gloss or pearl gloss and get totally different looks each time! The gloss is really what seals the deal to your long lasting lip color!

If you want to give this incredible lip color a try, comment below with your email address and I will tell you how you can try it out! Friends don't let friends miss out on great lip colors!