Product Review: Hijabs from Hidden Pearls

It is no secret I am a hijab addict! You can imagine how excited I was when Sister Rashdah offered to send me 2 fabulous hijabs to try out from her UK based online hijabs store Hidden Pearls! I had a tough time choosing so Ieft the final choice up to her. I have to say Sister Rashdah sent the hijabs right away and she must have looked carefully at who I was because she choose the perfect colors for me! It took forever to receive them but that's just because shipping from the UK to Canada takes a lifetime!

Both hijabs are a lightweight 100% cotton. They are really nice and big which is perfect for coverage and styling. Gorgeous fall hijabs!

The first one here is this beautiful grey one. I was immediately drawn to the color. It's so versatile and literally goes with everything. A fantastic neutral. This hijab has a simple string of beads on one edge. Each of the little beads is individually fastened to the fabric. This will ensure that they will not come undone easily with use or washing. It worked best for me to put the non- beaded edge around my face but it could be worn either way. Anyone who knows me, knows I love some sparkle so this hijab is perfect.

The second hijab is a lovely light brown, almost camel color. It has a thing beading on both long edges. Although, I love how it looks, having the thick beading all the way around makes it a little heavier. Also, for the way I wrap my hijab the thick beading does not work around my face. Since it's nice and large, I was able to fold it over on one edge and still enjoy the beading on the other edge. I've worn this hijab once and very quickly I noticed that the beading on one edge started to come undone. I wore it for about 6 hours total and as the day went on, it became more and more undone. It could simply be because the beading is too heavy for the fabric. To remedy this, I found that I could simply unstitch the beading on that one side and wear it no problem.

I contacted sister Rashdah about the damaged hijab and she said that she would be more than happy to send me a replacement hijab. She stands by her policy of ensuring all her customers are happy.

I would definitely recommend the hijabs from Hidden Pearls UK. When you visit the website you will notice a large selection of hijabs. Chiffon to Turkish. Solid to polka dots and multi colored. There is something for everyone!

Here's an insider tip: Hidden Pearls has a draw EVERY MONTH! You can win 5 new Hijabs!!! I entered, be sure you do too!