My 3 Biggest Fashion Fears

The world of fashion is so vast! There are fashion worlds for all ages. I have recently realized that I have certain fears about Fashion. Although I very much put myself out there for the world through sharing my outfit pictures and such, you must know I choose every article of clothing very strategically. I look to ensure the fit is right. That means not too loose, nor too tight. I look for styles that are fun and fabulous. I look for items that are versatile and can go the distance with me. I have to take into account my life as a mom. I need comfortable pieces that still look amazing. And finally, I want pieces that scream out MONA! Although I have these criteria for my clothing, I also have a few fears that keep me picking my wardrobe very carefully.

1. Looking Frumpy.

This fear became very real to me after I became a mother. Although I knew priorities when it came to fashion and my appearance might change a little but I didn’t want to not look like myself. I was; and still am; terrified to “let myself go”. I’ve seen moms in the grocery store or at the park in everything from heels to pajama pants and I am scared it’ll be me rolling up to Superstore in my mom van with my Teddy Bear Pajama pants and a spaghetti stained jersey hijab. It’s not about anyone else but myself. I want to feel like myself, and know that I still care about myself. I believe if you look good, you feel good.

2. Looking Too Old.

I’m not entirely sure why this is a fear. Perhaps it’s because when I was in junior high I often wore pieces that were not for my age at all. That was because I let my mom interfere with how I dressed. We shopped at the same places. I think it was her way of making sure I didn’t wear inappropriate clothes which other girls my age wore. I always felt like I looked like a mom. Although I choose all my own clothes now and I’m drawn to clothes that are very much age appropriate that fear is still deep inside. Every time I reach for something more business casual, “dressy”, or even casual everyday items, I think is this what a smart, sassy, fabulous 31 year old mompreneur would wear?

3. Looking Too Young.

This seems like a strange fear but I have it. Why would anyone not want to look young? The reason is that I am very comfortable and proud of where I am at in my life. I’m 31, with an education, a business, 2 children, and so much more. Alhamduallah! I am someone’s mama and I wouldn’t want someone thinking I was babysitting my own children! Also, as a business owner, I want to look the part. I think people tend to judge us by our outward appearance and I knowing that I want to project an image of being a mature woman with something to say. Therefore, I really try to choose items that are unique and different but at the same time that help me to outwardly project who I am on the inside.

What Fashion Fears do you have? How do you work with them?