Outfit of the Day: Divine Denims

As I've mentioned before, I have struggled with casual looks. I have a fear of looking frumpy. I worry that a pair of jeans with a plain top will look too simple, like I didn't really try. This is a strange fear because if you look at the greatest fashion designers stepping on the runway after their show, they are often in a plain white shirt, blazer and trousers. Simple.  This look started out much simpler, but then I just kept adding to it until I got to this look. Honestly, I'm glad it did. I am totally loving this look (I know that sounds vain). 

 So first I want to talk about this hijab style. I love the turban styles, as you may have seen in my other pictures. I love it because it feels luxurious. It feels like a crown.  My take on this style has changed a bit in that I started doing this little cross over thing in the front. Also, this time I left an end of the hijab hanging down rather than having it all wrapped up. 

This top I got from a great store in Alexandria, Egypt called "Basically Me". The fabric is amazing! It is so soft. Also, can we talk about the sleeve?! I am loving these longer ruffled sleeves. I feel like details like that make what could be an ordinary t-shirt, not so ordinary. 

In an attempt to be casual without wearing regular jeans, I found these great super light weight pants. They still have a denim vibe and act as a great neutral for so many different tops. They are probably some of the most comfortable and versatile pants I have purchased in a while. 

To top it all off, I had to add some accessories! I adore this statement necklace my sister-in-law gifted me from Egypt. The grey beads with the gold ornaments make a really unique combination. I usually would pair grey with silver but I love this! Also, I found his Key of Life ring while we were exploring the hundreds of little shops in the market in Alexandria. I feel like I was a Pharaoh in my previous life. I have a deep connection to my heritage and something about such pieces just draw me in.