5 Things I Look For When Shopping

While visiting my family in Egypt, I did a fair bit of shopping. I had put shopping in my plans from the start! Aside from taking advantage of the currency exchange, Egypt offers great style, unique trends and of course hijab friendly clothing. Perhaps it’s because I'm living in Canada that I am drawn back to the cultural style of my heritage; the colors, patterns, fabrics, etc. I find that shopping in a new place, gives you a whole plethora of new items to choose from.  You’ll definitely not be showing up to a party in the same outfit as a friend.

1. Color

Although I may automatically choose darker colors in winter and brighter colors in summer, I am always drawn to color. I love all colors. Although it’s important to know which colors compliment your eyes, skin tone, hair color, etc. I encourage all women to be open to wearing all colors!

2. Patterns

I cannot say enough how much I love patterns! All patterns! I look for classic/ageless patterns such as stripes and polka dots. I look for bold prints such as animal prints and bright florals. Finally I am always open to a unique print that may be a bit out of my comfort or not something I would usually gravitate too.  As you may have read in my article on  “How to Wear Printed Pants”, I adore printed pants and love to mix patterns. This takes practice but click here for “Tips for Mixing Patterns”.

3. Fabrics

The fabrics you put on your body as so important. The fabulous thing about fabric is that it sets your outfit’s “mood” without you doing anything. What I mean is, if you throw on a cotton t-shirt you are automatically starting with a casual look.  If you put on a silk blouse, it’s hard for you to give off the casual look vibe! I try to have a wide variety of fabrics in different textures in my wardrobe. Also, I find that the as I’ve gotten older and my style has become more set, I’m drawn to more natural fabrics rather than synthetic such as polyester.  Polyester is less expensive which was good when I was changing my wardrobe multiple times a year!

4. Style

There is a difference between something “stylish” and something “trendy”.  Trends and fads come and go. They are inspired by someone or something and spread like wildfire across the fashion world.  Style is something you as a fashionista develop on your own. It’s about showcasing your inner self in an outward way through colors, patterns, shapes, etc. It’s about showing who you are. It’s when a friend sees a top in a store and say “that’s so Mona”. Your style may change a little with time but it’s still very unique to you.

5. Price

I’m not going to pretend this isn’t a factor here. When I was younger I looked for the least expensive items because I wanted to be able to change my wardrobe often and not feel terrible about it. On the other hand, my sister was the type that would invest more in each piece but have less pieces in her closet.  At this point in my life, I want the best of both worlds. I’m always looking for new outfits, new pieces and new inspiration for my wardrobe so I look for a good deal on the pieces I love. At the same time, I want to invest in the pieces I know will stay with me for a while. That’s the black blazer, a great jacket, a beautiful blouse, or a pair of pants that fit fabulously.