3 Tips For How to Wear Printed Pants

The summer calls for brighter colors, exciting prints and more fashion forward styles. I feel like in the summer, there are less “rules” when it comes to dress. It’s more of a free time to express yourself without being overpowered by winter coats and boots!

I love working with prints and rarely if ever will you find me wearing solid colors head to toe. I just have to include a print somewhere, whether it’s my top, hijab, shoe, skirts or more so lately, my pants. I discovered patterned pants about 2 years ago and I figured it was a trend that would pass. I was wrong! If anything I think the printed pants trend is in full swing!

Here are some ideas for how to wear printed pants:

1. Wear Your Print As a Solid

How can a print act as a solid? If the print is small enough with neutral colors, you can consider it a solid. Wearing your printed pants a solid allows you to wear printed top or hijab without “clashing”. The benefit of this is that you get to wear a print, take your style up a notch and not be overpowered by the print. This is a great place to start for someone who is not totally confident rocking the printed pants. A great print to try is small polka dots

2. Make Your Pants the Focus

This is where you use a fabulous print that is large and loud! You have to be careful here and mindful of the size of the print. Do not let the print wear you. In order to make the pants the focus of the outfit, the rest of the pieces you are wearing should be solid colors. Choose one color in the print and make that the color of your top. Experiment here with different prints and colors. If you are confident and ready to make heads turn, try a large floral design. If you are looking for a print that is a little more subtle but still bold, go with the timeless leopard print.

3. Contrast Your Pants with Your Top

This is definitely a tricky job. Your print has to be perfectly paired with your top. To do this, choose two prints that are similar colors but not competing prints. Also, keep in mind that the prints should be different sizes. One print should be smaller than the other so they complement each other. If you are trying this method, do not do a printed hijab! 3 prints will just be too much! Try stripes and floral prints together.