Obsessions of a Modern Hijabi Mom: Bold and Bright

While talking with a friend of mine, I have come to realize I’m having a quarter life crisis! I’ll let you all in on a little secret; I just turned 31! Honestly, I don’t mind getting older. There is a beauty and significance to every stage in our lives and I am more than pleased with where I’m at. Elhamduallah, I have a beautiful family, amazing friends, a business and all I could have asked for. But…. After my second baby and a 30th birthday, I’ve found a bit of an identity crisis. Now I feel like I am a grown up, a “real” adult and lip gloss just isn’t going to cut it anymore! So I’m taking a big girl step and starting to rock the lipstick! Instead of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (because we all know they do), it should be “Big Girls Wear Lipstick”.

My first obsession is bold lipstick. This didn’t just happen overnight. Actually it took me almost a full year to get to my bold lipstick obsession. It started last summer. It was a gorgeous day out and I happened to be in Shopper’s Drug Mart just before picking up Manessa from childcare. I was perusing the make-up aisle when I stumbled across this really bold pink lipstick. I looked at it, then thought to myself “what the heck am I thinking, I can’t pull that off!” I placed it back in the display. I moved on to my comfort colors; light pink, lip gloss, etc.; but something inside me kept thinking about that bright pink I had seen at the start. I quickly found myself back where I started, staring down this beautiful bright and bold lipstick. What did I have to lose? $6? Take the plunge Mona! After very excitedly making my purchase I just couldn’t wait to get to the car to try it on. Just seconds after being in the car, the wrapper was somewhere on the floor, and I had the mirror down, applying this fabulous color. Instantly, I was in love!

My love affair with bright and bold lip colors has not only remained but has grown! At any given time, I have about 3 colors in my purse. Vibran

t pink, ruby red, plum, deep pink, whatever I find. If it doesn’t leave a lip stain on my Oprah Chai Tea Latte cup, it’s just not bold enough! My husband has even began to feed into my lipstick addiction. He just recently came back from Korea with 3 fabulous colors! Apparently, they are really into cosmetics so naturally it's a perfect souvenir! No magnets or keychains for this girl.

I think for me the idea of wearing a bright lip color, is more than just about putting on make-up. I’m not really that much of a make-up girl. I have my foundation, blush and occasionally, I make the effort to add some eye make-up. Let’s be real, how much time and energy (let’s not even talk about my lack of skill) do I actually have to put on a full face each day? Plus I think when a woman allows her natural beauty shine through it is so much more appealing than when you know she actually looks totally different when she rolls out of bed in the morning. I want people to know and see “Mona” not my new Mac eye color. I do however think that just by adding a little mascara, a little blush or a bold lip color, you can look and feel amazing with very little. It’s just a little polish. It’s like adding a great accessory to a simple and elegant outfit.

Also, MY bold lip color is here to remind you “Mona has something big to say, so pay attention people!”

Remember: Allah is beautiful and loves beauty

What are you totally obsessed with? What makes you feel polished and put together?