Tips for Mixing Patterns; How to Get it Just Right

I will not deny that I am not the best at pattern mixing. I think for me it's more of a hesitation than an inability. I have been trying to explore this part of the fashion world a little more and I decided this year was going to be the year I take more fashion risks with patterns! Will you join me?

Your pattern mixing can go one of 3 ways (Like the 3 little bears. Yes I’m a mom!):

1. Totally too matchy matchy! Not good!

2. Major clash! Not good!

3. Exactly on point! Just Right!

I had to do some research and I couldn't possibly keep the findings to myself!


The patterns you are mixing should be in the same color pallet. This will help them to not clash or make your outfit look busy. So if you are doing cool colors, then keep all patterns in the blues and greens. If you are doing warmer colors, keep all patterns in reds, oranges and yellows.


The two patterns you are mixing should be of different sizes. This will ensure they do not overpower one another. For example, you could do a cute floral skirt with lots of smaller flowers and pair I with an adorable heart printed cardigan. Or you can do a striped blouse with a paisley hijab.


This could be the best way to mix almost exact patterns without over killing the pattern. Try two similar patterns in different textures. Let's say you have some fabulous floral printed pants. You could pair them with a floral lace top. Leather, tweed or velvet also add great textures to any outfit!

Great Pattern Combos

a. Leopard print and floral

b. Large stripes and polka dots

c. Floral and stripes

What pattern combinations do you love? What tips can you share about mixing patterns?