The Importance of Sisterhood

Sisterhood. There is an unspoken bond that develops between girls and women as we go through life. It starts out as a best friend in elementary school. It’s that girl you spend every waking hour with as a child. The girl you exchange friendship bracelets, dress like twins with and plan to be each other’s bridesmaids. Later on she’s your study buddy. She’s the one you learn about the taboo things you can’t talk to your parents about and the one who covers for you when you are late coming home. Although having a group of sisters is essential throughout life, it becomes more and more important as we reach adulthood.

As an adult, the stresses of life grow and start to take a toll on us. From graduating university, to falling in love for the first time, marriage and finally children. I think as women, we go through significant emotional and psychological changes as we age. Also, we go through identity changes that only other women could understand. From being a girl to a woman to a mother. We go through stages of finding our and redefining ourselves. We soul search and it seems we are always trying not to “loose ourselves” to life’s demands. Only another woman can understand how one way you look in the mirror and you feel like the sexiest woman alive. The next day, you feel insecure, ugly and unhappy with what you’re doing with your life. Only another woman will understand your strong desire to be a mother, have a family and the when you have that you feel like you gave up your life for the family, leaving nothing for yourself.

There are countless books and movies that have been made to highlight the bond that is sisterhood. “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” , “The Babysitter’s Club”, “The First Wives Club”, “Sex and the City” are just to name a few. So if this bond is so natural, so innate then why do we fight it? Why do we not feed that part of us? Why do we end up isolating ourselves and allowing ourselves to get caught up in our own lives, forgetting that reaching out to other women when make the daily struggles so much easier?

I’ve always had an amazing group of sisters. Actually a few groups of sisters. To be honest, I am incredibly blessed for this. Each group of sisters serves a different part of my life. They nourish a different part of my being, my character and who I am as a whole person.

The first group is, my “Muslim Mommas”. They are an incredibly diverse group of Muslim moms that I have on a WhatsApp group chat. As this group has grown from only 5 or 6 moms to now close to 20 moms, I have realized their value more and more. We chat about anything and everything. We joke that as we add a new member she needs to be ready that there are no limits to what can be said or asked! I’m not exaggerating when I say anything and EVERYTHING! It’s about mom talk, wife talk, and girl talk! We have women all over the world at the moment, so at any hour, there’s a great conversation taking place! These are my go-to’s.

The next group I have only recently been a part of, but have fallen so deeply in love with the women in this group is my Conscious Women’s Collective Group. It is a group of women from different religious and cultural backgrounds that are community conscious and wanting to work together to serve communities. We want to make a difference in the world and each time we meet I can feel the energy. I leave our meetings feeling energized, and enthused about the impact I am able to make in the world. They are my breath of fresh air.

Finally, a group that is very close to my heart is my dear and closest friends. These are the sisters who have been in my life the longest. They were there the night Mohamed proposed, watched my children grow and they are my greatest support. This group of sisters, I see most often. They are the weekend girls, our children are best friends and our hubbies too. We are there for birthdays, graduations, and date nights. These are my rocks.

Sisterhood can be as simple as a quick text to check in. A small gift to make someone smile. It can be a coffee date while the kids play. It can take any shape and any form. Sisterhood is a kind word or compliment. It is lifting another woman up. Sisterhood is supporting another women in her darkest moments, her scariest situations and her bravest endeavors. It’s simply about being there.

My promise to each of you sisters reading this:

  1. You have a sister in me

  2. I will always be here for you

  3. Your secret is safe with me

  4. I will go the ends of the Earth to get you what you need

  5. You are safe with me.

I pray that you all find a sister that you can grow with and enjoy life with. No matter how full your life is with work, or family, or friends, a strong group of sisters are hard to come by. They only make life sweeter, fuller and more enjoyable.