4 Ways to Beat the Winter Outfit Blues

Winters in Canada are long and cold. Although it can be a bit trickier to be super stylish when you are all bundled up, it is doable! Do you find that the tops or hijabs you reach for in the morning are darker colors? I do, and I’m sure I’m not alone!

Although it’s tempting to grab your comfy black sweater over your pink one, there are some easy ways to add a pop of color into your wardrobe to beat the winter outfit blues.

1. Grab a Bright Bag:

Put your black and brown bags in the back of your closet. Those bags you think are just “summer bags” are what you need to perk up your outfit. Grab the red, the green or the pink. Even if your outfit is darker, that vibrant handbag will make your winter outfit a little warmer.

2. Make-up and Nail Polish:

Feeling blah? A great lip color is the best way to make you feel better instantly. Perhaps reach for a little brighter eye color, or eye liner. Maybe a little shimmer. Give your hands a little love with a beautiful nail color.

3. Prints, Prints, Prints:

Rather than your go to solid hijab, reach for that fabulous floral printed one you have tucked away. Since prints are made up of multiple colors, they can be paired with many different tops and are so versatile. Must have prints: floral, animal print, stripes and polka dots.

4. Accessorize:

Whether it be gorgeous oversized earrings or a unique necklace let it be bold and bright! Dress up your wrist with a big cuff or a vibrant watch. Try an oversized jeweled ring. If you aren’t really feeling bright colors, opt for gold rather than silver.

What’s your favorite way to brighten up your outfit? How do you beat the winter blues?