7 Reasons I Thank God

My dear children,

As I lay here in my bed squished between the two of you, your little legs wrapped around mine, and your heads on my chest fast asleep I listen to you breathe. I hold you both so tightly running my fingers through your hair. My heart aches for the mothers around the world that do not have chance to do just this. I feel somewhat guilty for taking these moments for granted. I feel guilty for the nights I rushed you to sleep, and hurried out of your room because I had “other things to do”.

I can’t help but feel pain and despair for the mothers who are scrambling to find food and shelter for their children. My eyes tear as I imagine the mothers who can’t enjoy these quiet moments since they live in a world of war and chaos. I pull you in tighter as I think of the mothers who can’t even hold their babies because they are ill, lost, or have passed away leaving only photos and memories. And I can’t help but…..

Thank God for the mess you made under the dinner table because then I know you are fed.

Thank God for the pile of laundry that awaits me because then I know you are clothed.

Thank God for the toys I’ll trip over because then I know you spent the day playing together.

Thank God for the craft supplies left on the table because then I know you we expressing yourself.

Thank God for the ringing in my ears because I know you laughed, smiled and enjoyed one another.

Thank God for the aching in my body because I know we had a full day.

Thank God for you both because then I know I have a reason to be alive.

Praying for all the mothers around the world that are not able to enjoy these simple moments with their children. Praying for those in war torn countries, those who are impoverished, and those who are abused and neglected. Praying for all mothers, all women, all of humanity.